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For every family that we help, we will plant a tree in the region of your choice.  We here at EvoLife try our best to sustain the world that sustains us.


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Most Affordable

The most affordable life insurance policy you can buy is level term life insurance policy.  Term is a popular option for families looking for a budget-friendly solution. Term life insurance is often the least expensive way to obtain life insurance coverage if you only need insurance for a limited amount of time.

No Medical Exam

Hate needles? Don’t want to wait three months for a policy? Don’t want a stranger in your house? Then a term life insurance policy without the medical exam is the best for you. The only difference is you aren’t required to have an exam, everything else stays the same.
This option is ideal for those who want the coverage of a term life insurance policy, but not the hassle of scheduled medical exams.

Guaranteed Coverage Regardless Of Health

A Final Expense policy may be the solution you need to ensure your loved ones aren’t burdened with the costs associated with your final expenses.
This type of policy is great for seniors and people over the age of 40 who are unable to qualify for more traditional forms of life insurance that want to protect their loved ones from the financial burdens left behind.

Accident Coverage

Young people run a higher risk of death by accidents. Studies show accidents are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 45 in United States. Age, occupation, and lifestyle all play into increased risks involving accidents and EvoLife has you covered..
AD&D coverage gives your family members the protection it needs in the event of death by accident. No health questions and same day issue for most coverage and it starts under 9 dollars a month.

Mortgage Coverage

In order to cover the mortgage, a Term policy would be the cheapest way to get the correct amount of coverage.  We even have a carrier that will let you lower the policy face amount every year to keep in line with the mortgage!


We here at EvoLife have a wide range of Whole Life Policies that will allow you to have another Tax Free Investment Vehicle.  These products are very common once you have already Maxed out your other investments such as a 401k.


With access to 50+ carriers.  Give us a call and within a few minutes we will find the perfect policy for you.


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Once you Submit your Quote, we will give you a Call and discuss the perfect plan.  Whether its Term, Whole Life, Accidental, or Final Expense, we will make sure that we set you up quickly and effectively.

The great news is that once you speak to one of our agents, they will be with you through the whole process.  No more being passed from person to person.  Your agent will direct you through the whole process and make sure that they are they only point of contact.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Process take?

Getting a Life Insurance Quote can take as little as a few minutes.  Depending on the product some policies will get you approved and In-Forced that day!  Other policies may take up to 4-6 week in order for you to take the medical exam and have the company underwrite you.

The good news is that EvoLife has a one Agent policy so we promise that the only person that will be giving you a call will be your agent.

How will I receive updates on my policy?

Here at EvoLife we want to make it as easy as possible.  If you prefer emails we will email you.  Texts?  we do that too.  If you like phone calls better then we will make sure to give you a call whenever works best for you.  Unless there are documents that need to be signed (can’t sign those over the phone) we will do our best to contact you however you prefer.

What are the fees?

THERE ARE NONE!  Thats right, using a broker doesn’t cost you a penny more, in fact it saves you money as we can shop the market where other companies can only offer you one rate, we can offer you 60+.

What product is right for me?

Thats a great question!  Because there are so many different types of products the best way to get this question answered would be to give us a call!  Within a few minutes we will make sure that we find the best policy that fits your needs.

Shouldn’t I call the life insurance company directly?

The simple answer is no (and several big reasons not to).

First: you don’t save any money by buying directly from the life insurance company. By law, the price you get from a given life insurance company is the same through them, or through an agent or broker.

Second: the rate you get quoted may not be the rate you’re approved at. Life insurance companies do a process called ‘underwriting’ in which they look at your health history and risk profile to determine whether the rate they quoted is actually accurate. If you apply with the life insurance company directly, and you’re approved at a different rate, you’re stuck. They dont have access to other underwriting guidelines so they cant help you figure out if you can get a better offer elsewhere. If you apply through EvoLife, we’ll shop that offer around to every life insurance company we work with to see if they can beat it. No extra work for you and no extra cost.

Third:  almost every life insurance company has a unique niche, or an underwriting issue they are the most lenient with. At EvoLife we have first hand knowlwdge which companies are better with high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, past and present tobacco use, family history of cancer, anxiety and depression medications,  DUI history, etc., we are able to find the company that is the best for each of our clients and their particular health or personal history. If you need help or have had trouble finding affordable covergae because of a serious health issue, tobacco use, diabetes, family history, your weight, or because you are waiting to become a US Citizen, these are the areas where EvoLife’s service and expertise shines.

What makes EvoLife Different?

The EvoLife difference means we continue to set the bar higher to make EvoLife the only life insurance site you’ll need. That means we:

  • EvoLife has access to over 60 of the top life insurance companies so you don’t have to shop elsewhere
  • EvoLife understands this is your policy and its for your loves ones so we will never try to upsell you. EvoLife will also never ask you if you want to get a quote on your auto,  home or health insurance.
  • At EvoLife we refuse to sell your info to life insurance agents as a “lead.” EvoLife and our agents are with you from start to finish.
  • EvoLife stands by our best price promise. We have all the underwriting guidelines so if the insurer approves your application at a different rate than what we quoted, we’ll shop your offer around to see if another life insurer can beat it.
  • EvoLife will email you once your policy is approved to ask where you want to plant your tree. Protect your family and Mother Earth.

The Evolife Difference is our promise to you and comes at no extra cost.

What Our Clients Say:


  • I had the pleasure of talking with one of the owners of the company who took me through the whole process.  The best part was that I only had to deal with one person through the entire process.  The Medical Exam team was very professional and once I was approved, my Agent gave me a call to explain my options.  Life Insurance is a pretty daunting experience but EvoLife made it easy to understand. I will forever be thankful to them and send them any business that I can.

    Maria Sanchez Client
  • Best company out there.  Plain and Simple.  I got the best Term policy rate AND got to save the planet.  What more do you need?

    Alyssa McDonald Client
  • I had a mini stroke three years ago and kept getting rates really high or offered policies that had a two year waiting period even though I'm in great health. Thank you EvoLife for getting me an affordable policy with no waiting period.

    Linda C Business